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Apr 3, 2020

2 min read

Pandemic Support

More than ever, LIFT is committed to supporting the accessibility of quality mental health services in our community. As news about COVID-19 continues to escalate, we are aware that everyone is experiencing higher than ever levels of anxiety and worry. Our clinicians are here to support you, and we are honored to hold space for your fears and concerns about current events and challenges.

Our team has vast experience providing virtual therapy, and all of our services are available remotely. To help meet the needs of our current climate, we are offering two services for a reduced-fee throughout the COVID-19.

Low Fee Therapy for Frontline Workers

We are partnering with therapists nationwide to do our part to support those working on the frontline to provide necessary services during the COVID-19 pandemic. Low-fee counseling sessions are available to frontline workers during this stressful time. For first responders, RN’s, MD’s, and other frontline medical personnel, we are offering a special rate of $60.00 per session.

Reduced Rate on Career-Coaching for Underemployed Americans During COVID-19

Opportunity lies in every crisis. Our career counseling and groups are intended for individuals who are stuck at home, working from home, looking for work, or seeking to redefine professional roles in a changing economy. This service is intended to build confidence, clarity, take actionable steps towards a new goal, and engender hope in carving out a meaningful future.

This service will be offered at a reduced rate of $60.00 per session.

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